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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Windows 8 - How to install a Domain Controller

I’m try to promote a Server as a Domain Controller and this is the Steps if you want to follow it

As usually I run dcprmo Start > Run > “Dcpromo”

Mmmm… It’s giving me this massage and saying that Domain Service installation wizard was relocated under Server Manager.

Then go in to Server Manager and select Add rolls and features

Then it will prompt for Installation Type. Choose whether to install Role-based or Feature-based Installation or Scenario-based Installation and click next.

In the Select Destination Server window Select the correct server under Server Pool.

Then inside the Server roles Select the AD DS and after that If you wnt you can select the Features that you want.

You can check the summary and click install

Once this finished you have to go in to Server manager and run the pending task.

After that Deployment Configuration window will prompt. Select the Deployment Option (In my case I’m adding a new forest) and give a root domain name also.

Type a DSRM password.

Run the Prerequisites check and click install.

Reboot the Server and now you can see Active Directory domain Services is in your Dashboard.

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